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At Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals, we develop, scale-up, and manufacture semi-finished and finished products with primary and secondary packaging, dry air, and containment for sensitive products as well as have a warehousing facility. Our capabilities include the development of key dosage forms such as

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Sachets
  • Granules
  • Powder


  • We import, test and release oral solid dosage form products for the EU.
  • We use analytical services such as method development, transfer, and validation, as well as routine release and stability testing in accordance with ICH guidelines.


Our capabilities and expertise enable us to provide specialized services such as


We import, retest, and release imported drugs for the European Union.


We provide analytical services such as method development, transfer and validation, routine release, and stability testing.


The Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility spans 13,000 square meters on a 9.6-hectare tract of land located in Meymac.

This facility (F16/267) is an authorized pharmaceutical unit that specializes in the production and import of oral solid dosage forms.

Furthermore, the company is ANSM-approved and follows the ICH (International Conference on Harmonization) standards in its development stages and quality management, going above and beyond the EU cGMP criteria.

Currently, the company has a talent pool of 68 capable professionals dispersed across France, all of whom are committed to delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals in sterile conditions using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Capability


Tablet - Film Coated

Tablet - Sugar Coated

Tablet - Plain


Manufacturing Equipment Availability

High shear gran° + FBD

Direct compression or Dry mix - and tableting or capsules

Direct compression and sugar coating

Roller compactor

Dosage & Packaging





PE Bottle

Glass Bottle


Inventory Management

Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals uses storage facilities at two big warehouses to maintain pharmaceuticals and sensitive products at their optimal freshness.

The containment facilities are cutting-edge, with safeguards in place for any unforeseen contingencies.

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