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Impact Leading to Better Products

We are an ANSM approved company for the manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical products, focused on optimizing costs and delivering high value service for global partners. We are also acting in the import, testing and release for the European market.We are patient-focused, passionate about our clients success and helping them expand their growth opportunities.

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Creating Long-Term Value

We add our strength to our global business partners across the pharmaceutical and professional healthcare industries and are committed to shared success. Transparency, trust, and technology allow us to support the best interests of our clients for long-term value creation.

A Legacy Dedicated To Quality

We are addressing specific requirements for product efficacy and working with flexible processes that adhere to international regulatory and compliance standards across the value chain to meet clients’ expectations reliably and rapidly.

We are an ANSM approved importer and manufacturer. Furthermore, our facilities are certified, EU CGMP compliant, and meet all international regulatory and quality practices standards

Consistent and Fast-track Growth

Our expertise lies in our scalability and unique, tailored solutions built to meet specific client needs. Our one-stop validity testing services produce faster, precise, and trustworthy results, while flexible processes and technological capabilities result in success and the best outcomes for their brand's performance in the market.

Risk Minimizing Innovation

We support our partners' growth via constant innovation, the application of novel technologies, and by employing pieces of training that build efficiencies within our core business. Our global partners, therefore, reap the benefits without facing the challenges of procurement, development, and validation.

Your Partnering Interest

We meet pharmaceutical and healthcare industry needs for our partners across


Capsules and Tablets
Film Coating


Recyclable and Sustainable
Custom Adapted
PE Bottles and Glass bottles
Primary and secondary packaging

Validity and Testing

Inventory Management

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